28 Jan
Projections space

7:45 pm

Nanna HellbergSE

Nanna Hellberg is a visual artist primarily working with sound, video and performance. She draws inspiration from autobiographical narratives as well as music and subcultures.

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Hellberg studied at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm where she was connected to the New Media department. She also participated in the two-year Sound Art programme at the Royal Art Academy in Copenhagen and the National College of the Arts in Oslo. She graduated with a MA in Fine Arts from both programmes in 2009.

Her background is in experimental music production and she has been part of various music and sound art constellations, such as Me&You and KRAUT, since 1995. Her primarily instrument is the electric guitar where she explore the sound source by choosing a delimited way of working.

Nanna Hellberg has exhibited throughout Europe and her recent group exhibitions were held at Konstakademien in Stockholm, Aksanat in Istanbul and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde, Denmark.

Hertz 2011 presents Nanna Hellberg’s ‘Limitations’

Limitations (2010 / HDV to DVD / color, no sound / 01:13′ loop)

The video ‘Limitations’ pictures a woman caged together with a wolf. It is a moment connected with self-induced danger but there are also elements of intimacy in the way they approach one another.

The theme deals with the topic of vulnerability but also with the claustrophobic feeling of being trapped in a delimited situation.


With intelligence and inventiveness she has developed new ways of working with sound and video. In addition to this she is developing interesting ideas of how to visualize sound and video in relation to space and architecture

Peter Hagdahl, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm