28 Jan
Projections space

7:00 pm

Karl LemieuxCA

While Karl Lemieux’s work is inspired by the dialogue that occurs between film and sound art, his process is centered on inner sensations.

He co-founded Double Negative with Daïchi Saïto, a Montreal-based collective whose mission is to promote and present experimental film.

Several of his short films including Motion of Light (2004), Western Sunburn (2007), Trash and no star! (2008), Passage (2008) and Mamori (2010) have screened internationally in spaces ranging from underground music venues and galleries to cinematheques, and renowned film festivals including Views from the Avant Garde/New York Film Festival, Rotterdam Int. Film Festival, Toronto Int. Film Festival.

His most recent work, Mamori, was presented as a solo exhibit at the Montreal Contemporary Arts Museum and was awarded the Grand Prize at the 25 fps international experimental film festival in Zagreb.

His musical collaborators include Francisco López, David Bryant (GY!BE), Kevin Doria (Growing), Jonathan Parant (Fly Pan Am), Roger Tellier-Craig (Le Révélateur), Alexandre St-Onge, Hyena Hive, Christof Migone and Thomas Ankersmit. He has also contributed to three theatre productions by Marie Brassard: Moi qui me parle à moi-même dans le future (2010), L’Invisible (2008) and The Glass Eye (2007).

He is currently working on the live 16mm film projection for the world tour of Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Karl Lemieux lives and works in Montreal.

Hertz 2011 presents the following projects by Karl Lemieux

Instabilites Elliptiques (2010 / Video Installation / 16mm to mini-DV / b&w, color / silent / 30:00′ (loop) / Direction: Karl Lemieux / Editing: Frederic Maheux

Western Sunburn (2007/ Experimental / 16mm to mini-DV / n & b, couleur / 10:00′) / Production & Direction: Karl Lemieux / Editing: Daïchi Saïto / Original Music: Radwan Moumneh (Jerusalem in my Heart)

Trash and No Star! (2008 / Animation – Experimental / 16mm to mini-DV / n&b, color / 07:00′) / Production, Direction & Editing: Karl Lemieux + Claire Blanchet / Music: Katherine Kline + Blake Hargreaves (Dreamcatcher)


The work of an alchemist pushed beyond its authorised technical limits. Lemieux shows the extreme fragility of the filmic apparatus, therefore questioning its own agony.

André Habib