29 Jan
Concert hall

9:15 pm

BJ NilsenSE

BJ Nilsen (b. 1975, Sweden) is a sound and recording artist. Primarily focused on the sound of nature and its effect on humans, field recordings and the perception of time and space as experienced through sound, often electronically treated. He has worked for documentary film, television and as a sound designer.

For the past 10 years his output has been mainly on Touch Music from London, England. He performs regularly through out the globe. His latest CD ‘The Invisible City’ deals with the hidden sounds and tension of a city and is based on recordings of events and situations, which were then edited and heavily treated live.

BJ Nilsen’s latest work includes soundtracks for the latest version of Fritz Lang’s sci-fi classic ‘Metropolis’ for Copenhagen Film Festival PIX and Frank Hurley’s epic south pole drama ‘South’ commissioned by Berwick Film and Arts Festival, as well as sound design for Benedict Andrews’ rendition of Shakespear’s ‘King Lear’ for the National Theatre in Reykjavik.



Using unrecognizably tweaked field recordings of cats, crows, bees, wasps, boat ramps, and dead trees, the ever-reliable BJ Nilsen has crafted yet another complex and desolately beautiful suite of droning ambiance that subtly crackles and buzzes with life.

Brainwashed, USA